Docking visibility

Like Never


We Track and Analyze Every Aspect of Every Job, So You Don’t Have To

Every Harbor

Docking Job,

Job Insights provides ShipTracks users up-to-date
details of every harbor docking job that happens at a
specific port, anywhere in the world, in an exportable,
searchable list form, in a graphically detailed dashboard, and in a shareable video playback.

An automated solution to manually tracking ALL competitor jobs - instantly

Comprehensive data for reducing mobilization and demobilization times

100% port clarity of every harbor docking job at every port in North America

Video playback for job validation in billing and legal disputes

Job  InsightS

Improves Clarity

Automatic Access to
ALL Jobs and Complete Port Clarity:

You’ve always been able to see your own jobs. Now see your competitors’ jobs - and every job - instantly at any given port in the world for complete situational awareness. Gain market share and optimize operations.

Performance & Fuel Burn Analysis:

Our data details assisting tug(s), speed performance in knots (fuel optimization), and job durations so you can optimize performance. Know accurate duration, mobilization and demobilization times of a job and learn where you can decrease mobilization time and reduce carbon footprint to become more efficient. Measure self-performing metrics to optimize efficiency. 

Video Playback:

Need a visual job validation for dispute resolutions? In our historical videos, you’re able to watch the job happening, with tugs color coded for knot speed. You’re also able to forward the video to any non-ShipTracks user for easy, shareable viewing.

For billing, we can use our information to record the complete operation for every harbor docking port call that you make and automatically compare our times against the times you were billed for using AI to look for mistakes in the billing process.


Tracked and Analyzed

With every job visibly tracked and analyzed, harbor docking companies can easily utilize this information on their own tugs - and their competitors - to gain situational awareness, improve performance operations and make better business decisions.

Let Job Insights Help You:

  • Optimize your mob and demob times
  • Track speed efficiency for your ESG best practices
  • Eliminate manual tracking of competitor jobs
  • Validate jobs with video playback
  • Win new customers
  • Grow existing customers

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