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Seamlessly Create & Track Jobs
with ShipTracks inside Helm

The Helm platform you trust to manage your jobs integrates with the visualization and management of your fleets you rely on in ShipTracks to reduce workloads and optimize fleet management

The Power of
2 Platforms in 1

ShipTracks natively integrates with
Helm CONNECT to:

  • Enable improved fleet management and optimize harbor dispatch
  • Quickly access vessel location and route history from within Helm CONNECT
  • Dispatchers seamlessly import jobs and vessels into Helm CONNECT Jobs directly from the AIS map with a simple drag & drop feature
  • Get real-time vessel position alerts through AIS mapping of the jobs you're tracking in Helm

Harbor Docking Optimized

with ShipTracks CONNECT

Visualized Operational

ShipTracks CONNECT is your AIS map of color-coded orders inside Helm so you can visualize what's happening on the water.

Automatic Alarms

Automatic notifications of vessels entering port allow you to know immediately if your company has a contract with that vessel, if orders have been scheduled for that vessel, and then import that vessel and its related jobs from the ShipTracks AIS screen into Helm.

Dispatchers Work Smarter,
Not Harder

Reduced workloads for dispatchers saves hours of labor. Instead of manually tracking and entering orders, dispatchers auto-create towage orders via the seamless drag & drop vessel feature from ShipTracks into Helm.

Data You Can Trust

Using accurate, real-time AIS data to create and track orders improves your database of orders by eliminating error-ridden, manually entered data.

Never Miss An Opportunity

With automatic notification of vessels entering ports, customers can capture jobs previously lost to competitors and can see tugs moving in the area who may not have assigned work to them yet.

"The integration [Shiptracks + Helm CONNECT] benefited us in making the order creation process easier, as well as facilitating the tracking of our ships, clients, and other vessels. It helps us create orders in a couple of clicks; it helps us to have reports of speeding or positioning of ships, also the entry and exit of ships to a certain area."

Pedro Montalvan Grijalba

IT Manager | PSA Marine Peru

I’d like a demo of ShipTracks CONNECT